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Supply Chain Consulting

We can support you in any area related to supply chain, and also the all important interface with Sales & Marketing and Product Development

  • Supply chain strategy

  • Distributor Management

  • Forecasting

  • Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

  • Inventory optimization

  • Manufacturing strategy and operational improvement (Lean)

  • Sourcing & Procurement

  • Transport optimization

  • Warehousing operations

  • Cost-to-serve analytics

  • Scorecard & KPI design

  • Benchmarking

  • Network design

  • Outsourcing RFQ/Tender support

  • Supply Chain Risk Management

  • Process optimization (with tools such as Process Mining and RPA)

  • Software selection support

  • Master Data Management

With other analysts mostly focusing on North American software vendors and not entirely bias-free, companies looking for the latest types of supply chain software have very few research companies to choose from.

We provide independent unbiased information about what supply chain software is available, with a special focus on Asia.

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Supply Chain Training

We can provide inhouse training on the following topics. Standard one or two days programs, or customized for any other period

  • Digitalization of the supply chain

  • Supply Chain Analytics

  • Supply Chain Risk Management

  • Supply Chain Optimization

  • Supply Chain Network Design

  • Transport optimization 

  • Logistics and SCM best practices

  • Mastering S&OP

  • Supply Chain performance measurement & benchmarking

  • Linking supply chain performance to overall company financial performance

  • SCOR Walkthrough

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